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 About Susan Rueppel, Ph.D. 
As an international Business Intuitive, author, speaker and trainer I help action oriented entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals develop or grow their business quicker and easier. Clients get a clearer vision, specific strategies and a practical, prioritized roadmap to get their business from where they are to where they desire to be.

A  Business Intuitive is like being a business consultant with X-Ray eyes - tuning into the highest potential of your business and providing a portrait of what is going on, including where you can maximize your business to move it forward quickly and easily, and how to resolve challenges.  You can get practical and actionable intelligence from your business through intuition - including help with direction, focus, decision making, planning and implementation.

Your business has a mind of its own.  Would you like to know what it has to say?
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My Vision is to accelerate a soul-based business revolution by helping entrepreneurs be of service to others doing work they love and generating abundant income

My Mission is to use my passions - intuition and personality typology - to illuminate and inspire the unique genius in people

I've been performing intuitive consultations since 1992 and also teach others how to recognize and develop their own inherent intuitive abilities.

As a Business Intuitive, my role is to illuminate my client's personal and professional genius in a manner that generates tangible results.

My vision is a world where we all use our intuition as second nature in all areas of our lives - to accelerate our professional and business success, enhance our health and wellness, improve our relationships, and expand our creativity.  My fun and lively approach to intuition makes it practical, easily accessible and transferable to all areas of business and life.  Whether you are interested in tapping into your intuition for the first time or desire to expand your current use of your intuition, there are services, classes, tools and resources on this site for you.

Here is a combination of some of the titles I use and some of the titles clients have called me.

Business Intuitive
Chief Intuition Officer
Inner CEO
Intuitive Strategist
Intuitive Alchemist
Destiny Doula

Consciousness Leader
Intuitive Guide / Intuition Guide|
Health Intuitive
Medical Intuitive
Energetic Alchemist
Spiritual Adventurer
Personality Trainer & Strategist
Soul-directed Intuitive Diagnostician

My Relief Coach
Business Therapist
Business Doctor
Business Whisperer
Business Healer
Business Accelerator
Business Strategist
My new Secret Weapon
Master of Self-remembering

Formal Intuitive Training includes: 
  • Certified by Lori Wilson as a Business Intuition Level 1, 2 & 3 Trainer for Inner Access 101
  • Trained in Business Intuition Levels 1, 2 & 3 with Lori Wilson, B.A., M.S.W.
  • Certified in Medical Intuition: Lori Wilson’s Total Body Intuition™ by Lori Wilson
  • Earned a Ph.D. in Esoteric Philosophy and Hermetic Science from the Ritberger Institute
  • Earned a Masters in Intuitive Diagnosis from the Ritberger Institute
  • Certified in the Ritberger Personality Method™ by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.
  • Studied with Caroline Myss, Ph.D. and Dr. Norm Shealy
  • Studied the concepts of the Berkley Psychic Institute
From Telecom to Telepathy...

My business expertise includes 25 years in the Telecommunications and Contact Center industries in both private industry and public sector. My experience includes telecommunications management within organizations (as a customer - selecting and implementing technology for large organizations), contact center solutions engineering and sales for a global vendor, and professional services consulting. These three corporate business perspectives (customer, vendor and consultant), along with experience in many industries (finance, health care, media, manufacturing, transportation, etc.) and founder of 2 growing businesses (Energetic Wisdom and Personality Dynamics) has provided me with a comprehensive and holistic view of business. Deciding early in my corporate career that if I was going to be in technology that I was going to help drive it, I founded and led a number of industry user groups over the years including the Sacramento Centrex Users Group, the National Centrex Users Group, the Sacramento Valley Rolm Users Group, the Sacramento Chapter of the Telecommunications Association and the NorCal Contact Centers Association, for the primary purposes of access to information and training, and collaborative networking.
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Other skills and interests:
My work also incorporates my skills as a personality trainer and mentor – guiding clients in better understanding themselves and others through the vehicle of personality, and creating more rewarding relationships through improved communications (see

If you are a dancer or enjoy dancing, here is a research paper I wrote during my PhD studies:  The Healing Power of Dance  (you don't have to sign up for anything)

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