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 Social Mission - Intuition in Action - The Intentional Intuition Movement 

My Social Vision
People naturally realize their highest potential in their work-in-the-world and have optimal health - in the easiest ways possible - through heightened consciousness by using intentional intuition in practical, purposeful and powerful ways.

My Social Mission
Create a movement for Intuition Development to be an accepted and active part of the world’s education systems from pre-school through high school and beyond to colleges, universities, business schools and medical schools.

Below are success stories, thought-provoking articles and other resources to inspire us to engage INTENTIONAL INTUITION to help shape a better world.

The resources below are divided into 4 primary areas of interest:

Intuition in Business
Intuition in Education
Intuition in Health Care
Intuition in the Military

Intuitive Social Mission Clarity Consultation

Your social mission has a mind of its own and knows how to be successful.  Would you like to know what it has to say?  I offer Intuitive Social Mission Clarity Consultations to help you tune in and get the information and answers you need to implement your social mission so you can save time, energy and money while you fulfill its highest potential.  An Intuitive Social Mission Clarity Consultation takes the guesswork out of growing your social mission with a roadmap that shows the next best steps to implement it including:

  • What it is and how to create it, shape it and launch it
  • How it fits into your life and business
  • How it fits into the community
  • How to best collaborate and enroll others to advance it faster

Jump start your social mission with an Intuitive Social Mission Clarity Consultation today

Intuition in Business

Huffington Post – How to Develop Your Intuition in Business and in Life

Forbes – Should Intuition Be Running Your Business?...Yes…and No

Intuition in Education

Faculty Focus – Understanding the Role of Intuition in Teaching

Intuition in Health Care

University of Minnesota – How Can I Use Intuition to Improve My Health & Wellbeing?

University of Minnesota – How Do Healthcare Providers Use Intuition?

University of Minnesota – Intuition in Healthcare

Intuition in the Military

Boston Business Journal TechFlash Feb 26, 2014
Charles River Analytics gets $500K Navy contract to study intuition

New York Times – U.S. Navy Program to Study How Troops Use Intuition by Channing Joseph

Client Success Story
I’m on track to make an additional $160,000 over the next 10 years with just one of the ideas from my consultation with Susan - increasing my income without adding hours to my schedule."

“The initial session was so exciting, I signed up for a package of consultations.  I’m on track to make an additional $160,000 over the next 10 years with just one of the ideas from my consultation with Susan – increasing my income without adding hours to my schedule.  Another of the ideas that I implemented immediately brought in new clients the same day!  Working with Susan is very time efficient.  I get a lot of clarity in a short amount of time and I know what to do.  I can implement quickly and easily and move on the next idea.  I’m helping more people now and making more money too.”   Linda Sturdivant, Direct Sales Master Coach and Owner, Annihilate Your Phone Calling Phobia

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D., Chief Intuition Officer® is an international Business Intuitive, author, speaker and trainer who helps entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals use intuition to grow their business. She assists clients in expanding their vision, gaining clarity, focus and confidence – by providing specific strategies and a prioritized path forward. Clients receive immediate, intuitive answers for tangible re$ults in business. Susan works in person (Sacramento) and internationally by Skype offering private Intuitive Business and Social Mission Accelerator Services, group programs, training and mentoring.

For more information see Services and An Interview with Susan

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