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 Personality Dynamics MENU 


Personality Dynamics helps you understand people through personality typology training.

Are you aware that our personality type influences every aspect of who we are?

Personality is what makes us tick and has far reaching impact.

Would you like to:

  • Understand your own personality type to be able to tap into your inherent strengths and talents, and minimize your weaknesses?
  • Be able to identify the personality type of your family, friends, clients, colleagues, bosses and co-workers to create mutually rewarding relationships?
  • Know what has the greatest impact to our love relationships?
  • Connect in a more productive way with your clients by being able to understand their needs, appeal to what motivates them, speak their language and present information to them in a manner they can easily absorb?

It's all about personality!

Mastering the art and science of personality can enhance your ability to understand others, communicate more effectively, and help you create more rewarding relationships.

Services available through Personality Dynamics include:

Business Training

Life Skills Coaching

Personality Parties

Our personality determines:
Based on the work, training and books of Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

Strengths, talents and weaknesses
Posture, movements and body language
Likes, dislikes and preferences
Quirks and idiosyncrasies

How we:
Think, act and communicate
Gather and process information
Make decisions
Perceive others

Motivates us
Irritates us
Causes us stress
We do under stress

How we communicate:
The words we use
What we hear
How we interpret it

The 4 Personality Colors Quick Reference Guide

Red Pragmatic  / Logical and linear

Are straight forward and only interested in the facts and details. Do not like hype.  Competitive.

The Basic Needs of a

Structure / Organization
Routines / Schedules
Power / Status / Security
To belong and serve

Orange – Care takers / Feeling

Use words and body language that express caring and sensitivity. Encourage others to share their problems.

The Basic Needs of an Orange

Service to others
Cooperation & teamwork
Emotional support
To feel needed / of value

Yellow Visionaries / Analytical

Always answer questions with a question. Consistently offer solutions to perceived problems.

The Basic Needs of a Yellow

Independence / Autonomy
Intellectual challenges
Novelty & change
Competency / Expertise

Green – Cheerleaders / Intuitive

Communicate many thoughts at one time and have a tendency not to finish sentences.

The Basic Needs of a Green

Close personal relationships
Meaning to their existence
Individuality / Authenticity
Flexibility and spontaneity

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Learn more about the services available through Personality Dynamics

Business Training

Life Skills Coaching

Personality Parties

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