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Popular Personality Dynamics Speaking Topics

Accelerating Entrepreneur Success by Personality Type
Enhance Your Business Connections to More Easily Enroll Clients
and Deliver Your Sought-After Services

Do you wonder why certain aspects of running your business look easy for others, but you struggle with them.  Do you wish you could attract more of your ideal clients and have an easier conversation to enroll them to work with you?  Have you wondered why the Pain Point selling you’ve been taught often doesn’t work?

This lively and fun program will help you change conversations into true connections by:
Amplifying your personal strengths
Identifying the personality type of your ideal clients
Putting them in their comfort zone by speaking their language
Understanding why they buy and how they want your services delivered

The Personality – Communication Connection

Create More Effective Business and Personal Connections –

Don’t just communicate – CONNECT!


Do you ever wonder why we get along with some people and not others? How some people just don’t understand what you’re saying? How to enhance the lines of communication? How to identify and enroll more of your ideal clients?

Understand why we think, act, and communicate the way we do

Put others in their comfort zone by speaking their language

Communicate more effectively to build mutually rewarding relationships


Leverage Your Leadership Personality Power

Expand Your Inner Leader and Express Your Outer Leader


There are two aspects to our ability to be an effective leader. Our Inner Leader determines how we think, make decisions, act and communicate; and how we perceive situations, experiences and tasks.  Our Outer Leader determines who we draw to us, how we communicate and connect, and the impressions we make. 


Understand the impact your personality has on your Inner and Outer Leader
Amplify your personal talents and strengths and mitigate your weaknesses

Gain more clarity about what to do or delegate and who to bring on board

Speaker Reviews

“I’ve heard Susan Rueppel to speak a number of times on both her intuition and personality topics to various groups as well as engaged her myself to speak at my business networking group, for clients, for my industry mastermind group and for my American Business Women Association chapter. She provides valuable and practical content that has helped me and many others with their professional and personal insights and growth. Her presentation style is lively, engaging, though provoking, and fun.”
Amanda Johnson, Sacramento

“Susan is a compelling speaker who really knows how to get and hold the attention of her audience.  Her presentation on Understanding People through Personality was a big hit at our women’s business organization luncheon.  Our members and guests were completely engaged in the presentation and left having learned useful information about their own personality type, how to gage the personality types of others and how to effectively use the information to promote better communication in business.”
Karen Penfold, Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

“At a recent business event I attended Susan Rueppel was asked to step in on the spot and be the speaker. I was impressed by the way she was able to step up with no notice. She set a great example for people to be well prepared with a signature talk that they can easily step in and present themselves as a knowledgeable expert and someone who gives value as she did.”
Frank Pizza, Speaker Trainer and Wellness Consultant

Some Past Audiences

Susan has presented these topics for technology and law firms, sales teams, mastermind groups, client groups, eWomenNetwork Success Institute, eWomenNetwork Leadership Teams, eWomenNetwork Accelerated Networking Events, the American Business Women's Association (ABWA), the West Side Women In Action Annual Conference, National Association of Women Business Owners, Developing Allliances, and many more.

Downloadable Photos

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D. Photo

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D. Photo

Susan's Shorter BIO

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D. is a certified personality trainer and coach, and founder and owner of Personality Dynamics®, providing personality assessments, workshops, seminars, life/skills coaching and Personality Parties. Ms. Rueppel brings to her clients a fresh and lively approach to personality typology. She teaches classes for businesses, private groups and individuals focused on how to understand themselves and others through the vehicle of personality - to improve communications and create more rewarding relationships.

Ms. Rueppel is certificated in personality typology from the Ritberger Institute where she studied with Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.  Her work is based on the Ritberger Personality Method® and the self-administered personality assessment tool the PCI (Personality Color Indicator) developed by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D. from over 25 years of research.

Susan's Longer BIO

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D.

Founder and Owner, Personality Dynamics®

Enhancing the Understanding of People through Personality

What She Does

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D. is a certified personality trainer and coach, and founder and owner of Personality Dynamics® - providing training and business development consulting for entrepreneurs, businesses and corporations.  Ms. Rueppel brings her clients a fresh and lively approach to personality typology since 2001.  With an emphasis on understanding themselves and others through the vehicle of personality to improve communications and to create more rewarding relationships.

She works with corporations, entrepreneurs, business owners, sales teams, networking groups, associations, mastermind groups, boards and leadership teams. Ms. Rueppel utilizes the Personality Color Indicator® (PCI) developed by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D. from over 25 years of research.   She is a master certified trainer in both the fundamental and advanced levels of the Ritberger Personality Method®.  Ms. Rueppel has further developed Personality Dynamics® training and consulting for the entrepreneur and business owner markets.

Her Background

Ms. Rueppel’s business expertise includes 25 years in the Telecommunications, Contact Center, IVR and Speech Recognition industries in both private industry and public sector.  Her experience includes telecommunications management within organizations (as a customer - selecting and implementing technology for large organizations), contact center solutions engineering and sales for a global vendor, and professional services consulting. These three corporate business perspectives (customer, vendor and consultant) include experience in many industries including finance, health care, media, manufacturing, transportation, public sector, etc.  The combination of her corporate experience along with her expertise founding and owning 2 successful businesses (WINtuition® and Personality Dynamics®) has provided her with the comprehensive and holistic view of business that she brings to her clients.

Areas of Specialty Include:

  • Business / Corporate Training
    • Effective Communications and Customer Relations
    • Optimal Sales Strategies
    • Time Management
    • Introducing Change
    • Leadership Development
    • Team Building
    • Conflict Resolution
  • Entrepreneur / Business Owner Training
    • The Personality of Your Business
    • The Personality Type(s) of Your Ideal Target Market
    • Personality Based Marketing
    • Optimal Results Based Networking
    • Connect and Collaborate for More Successful Outcomes
    • Enrolling Clients – Why People Buy
    • Embracing Your Leadership Style – Do or Delegate
    • Selecting and Building Your Dream Team
    • Conducting Productive Meetings
  • Additional Topics
    • General - enhance your understanding of yourself & others
    • Health & Wellness - reduce stress and create balance
    • Love - Enriching your love relationship

Client Rave

Here's what a Sales Representative for a high tech solutions company had to say about Susan's personality training: "The Personality Dynamics workshop proved to be the simplest and best workshop I have ever attended of the many systems out there.  It was empowering, affirming and most of all gave me the tools to develop and manage meaningful relationships in a wholesome way.  Susan is a masterful presenter and her approach to the subject is unequaled.  She brings the subject alive for the participants to see how best to optimize their traits and develop their character to enhance their professional and personal pursuits."

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