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 Business Intuition Training 

Learn to develop your own intuition in business - your Inner CEO
to make business easier, more profitable and more fun!

The best courses in intuition that I know of are at

Included are courses in Life Skills, Intuition Skills and Professional Skills
There are also many free courses and course bundles

I have personally taken a number of the excellent couses there, including being certified in Medical Intuition and Business Intuition.

Welcome and suggested intuition development learning pathThis is a great place to startAnd it’s a freebie!

Staying Calm & Clear 2020 (another great free resources)

Inner Access 101 Community Membership - Includes lots of great courses and discounts!

For those interested in going deeper for your own health, to be a Medical Intuitive, or to add this skillset to your existing wellness services practice:


Medical Intuition – Level 1 Certification

Medical Intuition – Level 2 Certification

See info on Business Intuition course options below

Inner Access 101

Business Intuition for Professionals - Live online classes

This live online course is taught by Lori Wilson of Inner Access 101 and a guest certified instructor:

Business Intuition Level 1

Business Intuition Level 2

Business Intuition Level 3

What if you could access business information beyond any traditional means?

Customer profiling * Headhunting * Target identification * Conflicts Resolved * Save $ * Save time * Better management of people * Accelerate your speed to market * Create the best returns on investments * Validate your direction * Eliminate your blindside

This exciting training is for business professionals. Maximize your business edge or be a powerful resource for the business community.  

The Modules are presented in 2-day sets throughout the year that build on one another. You are welcome to take 1, 2 or all three.  Each one is a pre-requisite to the next level.

Learn a strong foundation, including honing your own intuition and using it for business applications versus personal use.

In these classes you will be using your intuition to get answers for your own and others’ businesses to accelerate business success.

The pre-requisite for Business Intuition training is the 3-day class Access Intuition 101 Foundational Level

More info at the InnerAccess101 web site



Access Your Inner CEO – Utilizing your intuition in business

Mastering Your Inner CEO – Using intuition to accelerate your business success

Practical Intuition

What is Medical Intuition?

Meet Your Inner Physician – Intuition for Health, Balance and Wellness

Why do we become ill?  Understanding through Medical Intuition

Health and Balance through the Eyes of a Medical Intuitive – Medical Intuition, Uses, Styles and Benefits


Healthy Energy Boundaries Playshop – How to NOT take on other people’s fear and negativity

Learn to Read Your Own Past Lives – Retrieve your skills and talents from your Akashic Records

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides – Access Wisdom from the Non-physical Realms

Reduce Holiday Stress – Experience more joy this holiday season / healthy energy boundaries

Spoonbending 101 – Mental (and metal) manifestation


Personality in Communications – Creating more effective business connections

What Color is Your Personality? – Effective Teamwork and Improving Customer Relationships

Your Personality – Your Health:  Stress Relief and balance for the busy professional

Personality in Real Estate – Why People Buy

What’s Personality Got to Do with Love? – Everything!

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