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 Personality Dynamics MENU 


Looking for something fun and exciting to do with a group of friends or family?

Gather a group to have fun, be entertained, and learn valuable skills for yourself,  your health, your relationships, and your love life

Do you approach family gatherings with dread because you don't understand or get along with your family members?

Do you sometimes wonder if your significant other is from a different planet?

Don't despair!  It's just a difference in personality! 

Understanding why people are the way they are - and do the things they do - goes a long way towards easing tension, being more accepting of differences and enjoying each other more.

Chose the focus of your Personality Party from the samples below - or make up your own focus:

  • General focus - Enhance your understanding of yourself and others
  • Stress - Reduce stress and create balance
  • Business - Improve business relationships
  • Intuition - Develop your inherent intuitive abilities
  • Love - What's personality got to do with it?

Below are some samples of Personality Parties that have been conducted by Personality Dynamics:

Love and Personality Party
Did you know that each personality type:
Defines, perceives and expresses love differently? 
Have different needs in a love relationship?

Learn about your own personality and the personality type of your partner to create a more loving relationship.

Would you like to go from this...

To this...


To this?

Women's Group Personality Party

Get your women's group together for a fun and interesting time learning how personality impacts our families, our careers and a jump start on the job market by understanding:

  • What makes people tick and how to speak their language
  • The types of jobs you would be good at and enjoy
  • How to make a good impression at your job interview and your new career

Here's what a neighborhood women's group Personality Party host had to say:

"Susan does an awesome job presenting the material. It was easy to follow and she had great examples. It was obvious she really knew her stuff. I would love to attend another session as I learned a lot about myself and how to better my personal and professional relationships." - K.D. - Domestic Engineer

Other Personality Party Ideas

Below are some other ideas for the types of groups that would benefit and have fun at a Personality Party:

  • Non-profits
  • Church groups
  • Sports teams / team coaches
  • Any group that likes to get along and have fun together!

Bring Personality Dynamics to your next networking or mastermind group meeting and take your member's understanding of people and their ability to communicate effectively to the next level.

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