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 Activate Your Success Body - Transform Your Fate into Your Destiny 

Activate Your Success Body Consultation & Healing
Ignite Your Passion into Action
Transform Your Fate into Your Destiny

This interactive 2 hour private online consultation and healing is for you if you…

  • Are a women entrepreneur or business owner
  • Are ready for a revolutionary, foundational and profound experience that will accelerate the success of your business
  • Are confused about the best path for launching or growing your business
  • Have plenty of great ideas for your business, but are sometimes challenged manifesting them
  • Wish you could stay focused and on track easier, and have more fun launching and growing your business
  • Are ready to identify and heal old unhealthy patterns so you can be in action on your passion
  • Want to release what’s inhibiting your ability to implement your vision and strategic plan
  • Desire to do the above in an exciting and FUN way!
Investment:  $444

In this 2 hour online Activate Your Success Body consultation and healing you will:

  • Turn blocks into breakthroughs – identify and transform your biggest business challenge and its unhealthy pattern  into one of your greatest assets
  • Understand your unique genius in an expanded way that builds on your strengths and mitigates your weaknesses
  • Fully activate your chakras to power up yourself and your business - raise  your vibrational frequency and know how to maintain it
  • Gain practical tools and techniques to monetize and sustain your business
  • Have more energy and gain crystal clarity on your next best steps
  • Learn how to turn your ideas into reality with ease…so you can transform your Fate into your Destiny!
  • Have FUN!

This 2 hour online consultation and healing includes the following deliverables:

  • An Activating Your Success Body Profile (visuals) with your Core Theme and Passion in Action Steps Forward
  • An MP3 digital audio recording of your consultation


“The Activate Your Success Body process itself was exciting, elevating and FUN!  My mind, emotional and physical bodies, and my spirit were all so well served! 

I received awesome information and insights into who I am and what creates some of the things I do, both in my business and personal life.  For example, looking at the archetypes and both the shadow and light side was mind blowing!  I understood!

For my emotional and physical bodies, I have experienced an overall feeling of wellbeing (even in the face of circumstances that seem to indicate the opposite).  Of having raised my vibrational level and noticing myself taking better care of myself physically and emotionally (i.e., exercise, nutrition, rest, meditation, clearing clutter). 

I have continued to raise my vibrational frequency through daily meditation and energetic check-ins with all my chakras.  I’m also now able to be aware of when I am not in “present time” and to be able to easily call myself back and be ever more fully me.

I have been able to move on from an especially challenging time in my life and continue to take clear and inspired actions on my business projects and to clear any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clutter and let it all go!  My intentions are clearer and the results from my actions are having more impact on others by being of service through my business and personal life.  So blessed!”  ~ 
Bev Adamo, Owner and CEO of Wild and Wise Women

“Susan’s Activating Your Success Body process was fun, insightful, and energizing.

The primary benefit I noticed right away was much more confidence and a very different way of carrying myself.  I changed so much that when I went to work several hours later, a colleague honestly didn’t recognize me and asked me if I worked there!

The timing on my session couldn’t have been better.  I had applied for a position with greater responsibility, and while I wasn’t in line for the position I applied for, my manager recommended me for two other positions that might be a better fit immediately.  I noticed that others treated me with greater respect and as though I was in authority immediately.

I feel more confident, energized, hopeful, and on track with my life and goals again.

Within 24 hours I am in a position for two potential raises and started seeing more work coming in. I feel like an opportunity magnet!”  ~  Raven Tahara, The Symbolist, The Branding Maven and Retail Deva

“When I started the Activating Your Success Body process with Susan I wasn't feeling good.  My head felt like it had a tight band around it.  My shoulders were tight.  My chest/lungs felt heavy and congested.  When we were finished I felt like everything lightened up, my heart felt expanded.

There was a dramatic shift in my energy from inertia to forward movement, excitement about the future and getting into action.  The session definitely raised my vibrational frequency and it hasn't dropped back to the level it was at the time of the consultation.

My creativity had been suppressed for months.  After our session, the creativity is flowing again.  The pattern that keeps me stuck is "perfectionism."  What has transformed is that I realize that I'll never get things moving forward if I wait until all the pieces are perfect.

It was very powerful to see the alignment with the Chakras in our body and how they relate to our business.  It's brilliant breakthrough thinking that I think is the future of how to relate to business.

I have definitely been in action and my creative juices are flowing again!

I am in deep appreciation for your support.  Your unique protocol is pure genius!”  ~  Jann Taber, Founder and Owner of Resonance International

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