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Intuitive Business Accelerator Consultation

Prepare for exciting breakthroughs in this private interactive session with

Destiny Doula Susan Rueppel, Ph.D.

  • Gain clarity, focus and a clear path to action for immediate re$ults
  • Accelerate business success and eliminate your challenges and blind spots
  • Save time, save money, attract more ideal clients with a practical, prioritized roadmap

Examples of just a few of the areas of business that benefit:

  • Expand & clarify vision and mission
  • Identify product & service potential
  • Streamline strategic & tactical planning
  • Discover packaging & marketing options
  • Pinpoint optimal new markets
  • Select and optimize ideal staff and resources
  • Know what your prospects & clients want
  • Identify and eliminate blind spots

Your business has a mind of its own.  Would you like to know what it has to say?

An Intuitive Business Accelerator Consultation combines:

A search engine – accessing the exact answers and solutions you need now

A GPS system – providing the quickest route to get you where you want to go

Intuitive Business Accelerator Consultations provide practical insights, potentials and strategies for what you desire to create or expand, as well as addressing issues or challenges you are experiencing.  Gain clarity and focus to accelerate your business success. 


  • Visual Business Intelligence Profile roadmap including your Core Theme and Path Forward
  • Intuitive Ride Along” – your own intuition in business expands in your consultation
  • MP3 digital recording of your consultation

Investment:  $333


" can see a bigger vision for your business..."

“Susan possesses the natural ability to put clients at ease. She brings to the conversation an intuitive approach which aids people in discovering the next developmental level for their businesses. Intelligent and compassionate, she creates an environment in which you can see a bigger vision for your business while planning to bring that vision into reality.”
Maria Nemeth, Ph.D., internationally recognized speaker, seminar leader, founder and Creative Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence and author of the books The Energy of Money; A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment, and Mastering Life’s Energies; Simple Steps to a Luminous Life at Work and Play.

"She provided specifics on how to create products and services that are revenue generating..."

“Susan Rueppel’s Business Intuition Consultation was a clear and accurate intuitive reading that supported me in moving in the right direction, and understanding how to get there. Her practical wisdom told me exactly what to do and the how-to steps to take.  She’s one of the best intuitives I have ever been to. The information from the consultation saved me time and the stress of figuring things out on my own, and provided steps forward to eliminate wasting money. She provided specifics on how to create products and services that are revenue generating that I can easily put in the world, and that make my dream and passion practical and profitable. She took me way beyond where I was thinking which will accelerate my success.”
Jill Lublin, Master Strategist, International Speaker, Radio/TV Personality and Best Selling Author of three books – Get Noticed…Get Referrals, Guerrilla Publicity, and Networking Magic and

"...clear, prioritized and actionable."

"I know that there is a higher intelligence operating in my business that I can't always tap into because I'm so busy running the business. What a relief to have Susan connect me directly to that source and translate the wisdom in a way that was clear, prioritized and actionable. The guidance I received created an immediate shift that has me feeling more clear, decisive, and less emotionally reactive."
Lisa Schrader, Business Founder & Owner, Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with media appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oxygen and VH1

"She is my new secret weapon and intuitive business advisor."

“Susan provides an outside perspective from a highly intuitive place. She is my new secret weapon and intuitive business advisor. When I talk to her I gain more clarity, more focus and more insight into what I need to do next to accomplish my goals. I highly recommend Susan as someone that can support entrepreneurs in clearly defining the best course of action to move their businesses forward.”
Caterina Rando - Master certified coach, best-selling author, publisher and top-rated speaker

"...doubling the number of visitors to my web site, and increasing class and coaching enrollment over 30%."

"When an important piece of my business puzzle fell into place, I met with Susan to get insight into how my business can grow and change as a result. I left the consultation with an expanded view of exactly how to do it. As a result, I developed new classes and workshops that have appealed to more people, doubling the number of visitors to my web site, and increasing class and coaching enrollment over 30%."

Laura Hansen - international speaker, author and coach

"...It has been a life-changing path to fun, enlightenment and joy!...

“I have been working with Susan Rueppel for several years as my intuitive business consultant.  Her powerful mixture of integrating her brilliance as a professional business intuitive with her deep knowledge of personality types supports me in my business and my life.  My consultations with Susan are insightful, exciting and fun.

I have been able to understand where my bliss is in my business, and what I can delegate and/or completely release.  What a relief not “wasting” my time and enjoying more success as a result.

With the personality insights I gained in my consultations, I am more myself now and feel more expressive and more expansive.  I also feel more of a connection with - and appreciation for - everyone:  at work, with my clients, my colleagues, with my partner, and with my daughter.   I was also told that I seem happier and more “bubbly.”

Susan’s integrated consultations continue to impact me and my work in the world by providing insight into who my ideal clients are, how I can more effectively serve them to provide more value, and how to best communicate and collaborate with others - whether they are my business colleagues, family or friends - to fully live my most amazing life and fulfill my life’s mission!  It has been a life-changing path to fun, enlightenment and joy!”
Bev Adamo, Catalyst, Speaker and Author

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