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 QUIZ - Discover Your Business Intuition Quotient 

Ever wonder how intuitive you are?

 Are you someone who relies strictly on learning and logic, or do you follow your hunches and go with your gut feelings? 
Do you wait for intuitive insights to just show up, or do you intentionally and actively use your intuition to answer your questions and make decisions?
Do you engage your intuition only in your personal life or also use it as a business resource and apply it to specific areas of business to know your best strategies and steps?

This intuition QUIZ will give you a quick glimpse into how you make decisions in your everyday life and in your business.

Rate the following 20 statements based on a scale of 1 - 3
1 point = Never   2 points = Sometimes   3 points = Often

How I am in general with my intuition
How I am about using my intuition in business
Add your scores for the above statements
REMEMBER THIS NUMBER and click the continue button to see your quiz results

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